Health for All Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) specifically excluded undocumented immigrants from insurance coverage provided through the health care exchange, known as Covered California in the Golden State. An estimated three to four million people in the state will remain uninsured in spite of ACA, and almost a million of those will be undocumented residents eligible for coverage, save for their legal status.

Access to preventive care keeps people healthier by providing regular check-ups and screenings, and early diagnosis of health problems ensures those problems can be treated before they become overly expensive. By ensuring everyone has access to health care, we can improve the health of our entire community, limit the overcrowding of emergency rooms, and reduce the costs of healthcare in California.

The Health for All Act, SB 1005, will expand health insurance coverage to individuals who are currently excluded through Medi-Cal if individuals meet income requirements, or through an exchange program where they can purchase private health insurance.

Information about the Health for All Act:

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