Assembly Member Lara Hopeful About New Leadership in the City of Bell

March 09, 2011

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Historic Election Inspires Record Number of Voters

SACRAMENTO – Voter turnout marked the City of Bell's highly anticipated election yesterday. Over ninety-five percent of voters who cast ballots moved to change the course of the city.

"Yesterday's record voter turnout proved residents of the City of Bell are ready to move forward and rewrite history," said Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D- Bell Gardens). "The newly elected City Council Members have a wonderful opportunity to work with the community to rebuild the city. To do so, they will have to get to work immediately to close their debilitating deficit, evaluate all city government programs, build transparency, and, most importantly, regain the trust of the people. The new City Council and the residents of Bell have my full support in working to tackle the tasks at hand."

Assembly Member Ricardo Lara worked closely with the Registrar/Recorder's Office and other partners to ensure accessible and transparent elections in the city of Bell. The Assembly Member sponsored Voter Education and Empowerment Workshops that informed voters of their constitutional rights, including where to report intimidation and fraud. He also partnered with the California Community Foundation to sponsor candidate forums to ensure voters had an opportunity to get to know the candidates and know where they stood on the issues that affected the city.

Assembly Member Ricardo Lara is working with the Interim City Manager and City Attorney as well as state officials on possible legislation to ensure that the certification of the election results and declaration of newly elected council run smoothly.