Governor Brown Signs Lara's Landmark Urgency Bell Legislation

March 22, 2011

AB 93 Marks Governor's First Legislative Action

SACRAMENTO - Assembly Bill 93, authored by Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), which passed the Assembly and Senate with unanimous bipartisan support, was signed by the Governor today. The bill provides a one-time procedure for the certification, declaration, and installation of the new City Council.

"I am delighted that my first bill is the Governor’s first significant legislative action," said Assembly Member Lara. "I am confident that we have laid the foundation for new order, good governance and the return of public trust in the City of Bell."

On March 8, 2011 ninety five percent of voters changed the course of the city by electing a completely new city council. The city however, was caught in a quandary because the sitting city council is required to declare the results of the election and install the newly elected city council members. Due to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge’s order which prohibits the three sitting city council members currently in litigation from conducting city business, results cannot be certified or declared and the newly elected members are not able to be installed.  Given the absence of a functioning city council and the statutory requirement that the city council declare the election results, legislation is necessary to provide a mechanism for the certification, declaration, and installation of the new city council.

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