Lara’s Government Transparency and Oversight Legislative Package Receives Bipartisan Support

April 27, 2011

Assembly Member Continues Fight for Transparency and Oversight in Local Government

SACRAMENTO – Continuing his fight for transparency and oversight in local government, Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) presented and received bipartisan support for his legislative package today.

“We must incorporate transparency and oversight to restore the public’s trust in their local government and to ensure that taxpayers will no longer be left holding the bag for unscrupulous characters,” said Assembly Member Lara.   “The bipartisan support we are garnering in the Assembly proves that everyone is ready for real change. These bills provide necessary checks and will make it easier to determine where there is fraud, waste or mismanagement.”

AB187 will allow the State Auditor to examine local governments during the course of her high-risk audit program to determine if there are any areas that are at risk of fraud, waste or mismanagement.  AB187 passed Accountability and Administration Review with a 12-0 vote.

AB229 passed the Assembly’s Local Government Committee with an 8-0 vote.  AB229 will increase accountability and transparency at cities and counties throughout the state by allowing the State Controller’s Office to develop and issue a new and consistent system of oversight for independent audits of local governments.

AB 1350 also passed the Assembly’s Local Government Committee with a bipartisan vote of 7-0 vote.  AB1350 will ensure taxpayers are protected from arbitrary and illegal property tax rates by requiring the county auditor to verify that a property tax rate imposed by a city does not exceed the maximum rate authorized per Section 96.31 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.