Legislation Delivers Equity to Charter School Classified Employees

June 01, 2011

AB 925 (Lara) Extends Basic Rights to Classified School Employees

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 925 by Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) passed the Assembly with a 48-28 vote this week. The bill protects the rights and benefits of classified employees - such as janitors, food service workers, and teacher assistants – at independent charter schools by adding language to the California Education Code to provide a floor of minimum rights.

"Classified employees in school districts have the same qualifications and training as those who work in charter schools. Through AB925, we’re securing the most basic and minimum rights the school districts afford their employees. It’s the most sensible thing we can do for these hardworking individuals," said Lara.

The Education Code provides a comprehensive statutory system that provides classified employees with a minimum "floor" of rights and benefits. Unfortunately, independent charter schools are exempt from providing these basic rights and benefits. Independent charter school employees have no guarantee of sick leave, jury duty leave, or bereavement leave.