Legislation Needed to Ensure Critical Next Steps at the CTC are Implemented

July 13, 2011

AB 229 (Lara) seeks to appoint an Enforcement Program Monitor to oversee the Division of Professional Practices at the CTC

Sacramento, Calif. – Today, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee held an oversight hearing to follow-up on the progress at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).  While the committee recognized that changes are being made to address findings made by the State Auditor, Assembly Member Lara, Chair of the JLAC Committee, would like to ensure that the progress continues. In order to ensure that there is necessary oversight at the CTC during this critical time, Lara has introduced Assembly Bill 229.

AB 229 requires the appointment of an enforcement program monitor to the CTC.  The purpose is to monitor and evaluate the CTC’s Division of Professional Practices for a period of two-years.

“Oversight of this Commission is priority number one.  I am unwavering in my commitment to protect both teachers and students. Through AB 229 I am ensuring the continued monitoring and evaluation of the fundamental reforms for effective management that must take place at the CTC,” said Assemblymember Lara.

AB 229 will require the State Auditor to appoint an enforcement program monitor to the Commission.  The enforcement monitor will work with the CTC for two-years to ensure that the State Auditor’s findings and concerns are addressed.  It will also work to guarantee that the Division of Professional Practices is operating effectively and able to handle its purpose of investigating cases of teacher misconduct in a timely and fair manner.

Earlier this year, the State Auditor released a report that highlighted several deficiencies at the CTC, including a backlog for reviewing allegations of teacher misconduct nearing 5,000 cases at the Division of Professional Practices.  The serious concerns found in the State Auditor’s report prompted Assembly Member Ricardo Lara to request the dismissal of CTC Chair Ting Sun, Executive Director Dale Janssen and Director of the Division of Professional Practices, Mary Armstrong.  Dale Janssen and Mary Armstrong resigned shortly after.