Senate Approves Lara's Local Government Transparency and Oversight Measure with Bipartisan Support

September 01, 2011

SACRAMENTO – Another successful measure for Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) passed the Senate today with a 27-8 vote. AB 187 ensures transparency and oversight in local government by allowing the State Auditor to examine local governments during the course of her high-risk audit program to determine if there are any areas that are at risk of fraud, waste or mismanagement.

"I introduced AB 187 because I believe government, at all levels, should be transparent and accountable in managing public funds. AB 187 will go a long way to restore the public's trust in their local government by ensuring public funds are being managed effectively and efficiently, while safeguarding them from waste, fraud and abuse," said Assembly Member Lara.

The State Auditor is responsible for providing nonpartisan financial and performance audits of state government. Existing law authorizes the State Auditor to establish a high-risk government agency audit program. Currently, the high-risk program does not give the authority for the State Auditor to include local governments in her high-risk assessments. AB 187 gives the State Auditor that authority and ensures greater government transparency and accountability at all levels.

AB 187 goes back to the Assembly for concurrence in Senate amendments.