Lara Targets LAUSD for JLAC Audit

March 07, 2012

Lapses in reporting of child abuse cases prompts investigation

Sacramento — Recent reports of mishandling in child abuse reporting within the Los Angeles Unified School District has prompted California State Assemblymember Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) to request a performance audit of LAUSD’s negligence in managing and documenting child abuse claims.

“The violation of trust and safety has left our communities grappling to understand how abuse can happen in our schools. Parents send their children to school with the expectation that teachers who care about them and their success will foster their growth. ,” said Lara. “The continuous reports of the District’s mismanagement of child abuse cases are appalling and it is our responsibility to investigate the lapses in administrative oversight and identify corrective actions so that predators are stopped.”

Currently, LAUSD is investigating teachers who were suspended from Miramonte Elementary School for committing lewd sexual acts against children. The two teachers being investigated worked at the elementary school for more than two decades. And according to police reports, there may be dozens of students who are victims of abuse. Subsequent to the arrest of the two teachers, it was revealed that two teacher’s aides were fired after being accused of abuse. Both aides worked at Miramonte Elementary School, one aide was sentenced to 15 years in prison. In addition to the investigations of teachers at Miramonte, there are an additional four allegations of sexual or lewd acts with school children currently being investigated within the District. It has been reported that both parents and children complained about the Miramonte teachers yet no action was taken and the teachers remained at the school.

Currently, the District does not keep track of the number of teachers accused of sexual abuse.

According to recent reports, over the past year 853 teachers working in the District have been pulled from the classroom for a variety of reasons.


Assemblymember Ricardo Lara’s presents his request for an LAUSD audit to the Joint Legislation Audit Committee (3:46)

Assemblymember Lara explains why he wants the State Auditor to audit the LAUSD. (:15)

Assemblymember Lara expects the audit to take about nine months to complete. (:16)

Assemblymember Lara says the audit should include how law enforcement and other agencies work with the LAUSD. (:33)

Assemblymember Lara says he was heartbroken when he heard about the latest sexual abuse charges. (:22)

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