The Guardian: Los Angeles aims to make Obamacare universal in more than just name

April 21, 2014

On a sunny weekday morning just east of downtown Los Angeles, a crowd of about 75 people rallied outside the LA County/USC Medical Center. They toted signs with slogans like “Healthcare is a Human Right” and “Salud Para Todos” (“Health for All”).

“How can we say we live in a just and humane society,” said one speaker, “without providing for the sickest and most vulnerable among us?”

This wasn’t 2009, when the Affordable Care Act was a hot point of debate. It happened just last week. The activists organized the rally to urge the LA County board of supervisors to increase funding to a program called Healthy Way LA that is spearheading an experiment to cover those who are uninsured or can't afford or qualify for Obamacare.

If it works, the concept could revolutionize healthcare in American cities – if it can handle the problems of scale for millions of patients and funding from strapped municipal budgets.