Statement of Senator Lara on Air Resources Board’s Adoption of Nation’s Toughest Rules on Super-Pollutants

March 23, 2017

RIVERSIDE, CA – Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) released the following statement as the California Air Resources Board adopted a plan to curb short-lived climate pollutants that are a major cause of air pollution and poor health. Sen. Lara joined the Board as an ex officio member in February 2017.

Sen. Lara’s legislation set the stage for today’s vote. He authored Senate Bill 605 in 2014, which required the Air Resources Board to develop a short-lived climate pollutant strategy, and Senate Bill 1383 in 2016, the Super-Pollutant Reduction Act, which set the nation’s toughest standards to slash emissions of black carbon, methane, and fluorinated gases.

“California is taking aim at super-pollutants that choke the air and hurt our residents. With the Board’s action today, California now has the nation’s toughest rules to cut super-pollutant emissions. Californians will breathe cleaner air and live longer lives as a result.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher. Super-pollutants are estimated to cause 40% of climate warming, and California is in a race against time to reduce emissions that threaten economic devastation and dire public health effects.

“I introduced the legislation that set the stage for these tough super-pollutant rules, and I will continue to push the clean-air agenda forward and be a voice on the Board for the people it most needs to protect.

“This week I will introduce legislation to help people make the switch from wood-smoke heating, one of the largest human-caused source of black carbon. The legislation will build on the work of local air districts and create incentives for residents to replace their old, dirty wood burning stoves with cleaner and more efficient alternatives, such as heat pumps, solar, electric and natural gas heaters. Air pollution from wood smoke is a public health crisis for rural and urban communities that we can no longer ignore.”