Statement of Senator Lara on Federal Judge Ruling in U.S. v. California

July 05, 2018

SACRAMENTO, CA – Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) issued the following statement in response to the ruling today in United States vs. State of California upholding the enforcement of California laws. Senator Lara helped to craft AB 103 regarding immigrant detention and is the Chair of the Senate Labor Committee:

“The court rightly ruled that immigrants are not beyond the protection of California law.

“Nobody in this case disputes the federal government’s responsibility for enforcing immigration law, but the Trump Administration cannot trample California’s rights to enforce our own laws.”

“AB 103 provides a report about the conditions immigrant detainees face while in confinement and their access to due process. As elected lawmakers we need increased transparency to guide our policy response.

“I am glad the Court upheld the requirement under AB 450 that employers provide notice to workers before an ICE inspection. Immigrants are one-third of California’s workforce and protecting their rights is critical to our economy.”