NPR: DHS Inspectors Find Standards Violations At Immigrant Facility

October 05, 2018

By Farida Jhabvala Romero

There have been at least seven suicide attempts in less than a year at the privately-run Adelanto immigrant processing facility. And deaths - a 32-year-old man killed himself by hanging in 2017, and three detained people died in part because of medical neglect since 2015. That's all according to the inspectors report. During an unannounced visit, inspectors found health and safety violations, including a disabled man who was confined to his wheelchair for nine days and nights, nooses made out of bed sheets in detainee cells that could aid suicides and people waiting weeks or months to see a doctor.

A spokesperson for the California attorney general says they'll consider the federal inspectors' findings as they pursue their own first ever investigation of immigration facilities. California gained authority to inspect federal detention centers in the state holding nearly 5,000 detainees from a 2017 law authored by state Senator Ricardo Lara.

RICARDO LARA: The federal government's own report is validating our concern.

The Trump administration has sued to overturn that law in court. But Lara says the new report gives legal ammunition to California.

LARA: It makes it much more important for California to have a bigger role in investigating what is really happening in the detention center.

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