Senator Lara Urges Los Angeles to Approve Permit Program for Sidewalk Vendors

November 27, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – Senator Ricardo Lara encouraged Los Angeles City Council members to include a permit system for sidewalk vendors as they near final approval of an ordinance that complies with a new state law that legalizes vending.

This year Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 946, removing criminal penalties for vending and allowing cities to adopt local rules to regulate it. SB 946 goes into effect on January 1, 2019. 

“Los Angeles led the state in decriminalizing sidewalk vending and ensuring these entrepreneurs were not punished for honest work,” said Senator Lara. “Passing a permit system will bring vendors into the formal economy while benefiting all city residents.” 

Senator Lara urged the City Council to adopt Draft Vending Ordinance No. 1 to authorize the issuance of local permits and licenses.

SB 946 allows cities to establish local permitting programs in order to generate revenue to offset implementation costs, allow them to track and monitor vending, reduce health and safety concerns, and give legitimacy to vendors.

“California is a place where entrepreneurs can thrive and achieve their dreams,” said Senator Lara. “Sidewalk vendors are an important part of our growing small business economy and I am proud of our work to move past harmful criminalization practices and embrace inclusion and opportunity.”

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