United Cambodian Community of Long Beach to Honor Senator Gonzalez for her Longstanding Leadership

October 04, 2019

Long Beach, CA – Thursday, October 3, 2019 – Senator Lena Gonzalez was honored at the United Cambodian Community 42nd Anniversary Gala.

“I’m honored to be recognized by the UCC, which represents the largest Cambodian population in the U.S.,” Senator Gonzalez stated. “The UCC and the Cambodian community are an integral part of Long Beach’s international and diverse culture, and are champions for inclusion and representation in the city.”

“UCC is presenting Senator Lena Gonzalez the Distinguished Leadership Award for her leadership in building a united future through developing unity and equity among the Cambodian, Latino, and African American communities.” Susana Sngiem, UCC Executive Director stated. “In her role as Long Beach City Councilmember, Senator Gonzalez led progressive policies and projects like Long Beach Values Act, Peace Park Mural, and Language Access Policy, to invest in the valuable future of the Cambodian community.”