Sea News: Ports Leaders Focus on Improving Competitiveness to Mark California Ports Day

February 21, 2020

Port directors from across California marked California Ports Day on Wednesday by meeting with state policymakers, legislators, and administration officials to highlight the economic importance of the state’s 11 ports and issue a call to action to keep them competitive in a challenging environment. California ports are a critical link in the U.S. and international supply chain, are tied to more than 5 million jobs nationwide and generate an estimated $700 billion in annual revenue.

“As Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Ports & Goods Movement and State Senator representing the Port of Long Beach, as well as many Gateway Cities along the 710 freeway, it was an honor to join my colleague Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell in commemorating February 19, 2020, as California Ports Day and recognizing CAPA’s hard work,” said State Sen. Lena Gonzalez. “I look forward to working with CAPA in the coming year to elevate the goods movement economy and prioritize solutions to the pressing issues we face in trade and transportation.” (Read Full Text)