AL DÍA: Latina Senator pushes bill to fight the digital divide amid coronavirus

June 24, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has proven internet access is a basic right, not a luxury.

Modern society's increased dependence on the internet has been brought into focus by the pandemic. It has forced schools, colleges and workplaces to shut down, with millions of students and employees resorting to working from home.

The problem is not everyone has the same level of access to stay connected. Access to technology was one of the biggest issues of disparity before the global pandemic, and now it has only been amplified, as many Latinx students don’t have access to a computer or internet at home.

To combat this, a California Senator has proposed a bill that prioritizes fiber access for all Californians in underserved communities.

Senator Lena A. Gonzalez (D-33) is the politician behind SB-1130, a bill that would allocate $300 million to fund broadband infrastructure where there are currently no service providers. 

It directs California’s Public Utilities commission to prioritize broadband internet access projects in underserved, high-poverty areas.

“We can do more. My #Broadband4all bill takes on this issue with existing funds - Status quo isn’t good enough anymore,” Senator Gonzales tweeted. 

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