Legislators Applaud Inclusion of Equity and Good Jobs in Infrastructure Package

June 29, 2023
Sacramento – California Senators Durazo (SD 26), Smallwood-Cuevas (SD 28), Gonzalez (SD 33), and Cortese (SD 15), and Assembly Member Luz Rivas (AD 43) introduced Senate Bill 150 to enhance California’s training pipeline, community benefits, and quality jobs standards for billions of dollars of federal infrastructure construction and manufacturing investments.
“Most poor people work, often full time and more than one job. The problem isn’t that Californians don’t have jobs, or that our historic investments won’t create jobs. It’s that more people need access to good jobs,” said Senator María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles). “In the midst of this industrychanging moment in the infrastructure, manufacturing, and sustainability sectors, SB 150 is about bringing the same intentionality that exists for reducing carbon emissions to our role in creating good jobs with taxpayer investments.”
“With SB 150, we have an opportunity to create equitable job programs for California’s working families – especially low-income communities of color, like those in my district,” said Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas (D-Los Angeles). “SB 150 is the next step in our long journey toward economic justice for Californians. By requiring projects over $35 million in value to focus on helping communities where they are located, we can help historically marginalized communities realize the full benefits of these projects.”
“As California brings in historic investments for infrastructure and manufacturing, we must ensure that funds are creating good, high-road jobs in our communities, especially for historically disenfranchised groups. By going above and beyond the federal job standards, California will maximize federal funding opportunities to prepare our workforce and to build the infrastructure needed to carry us into the future,” said Senator Lena Gonzalez (D – Long Beach). 
“As we prepare for the climate of the future, we must also consider the jobs of tomorrow — skilled labor that protect communities and allows workers and their families to prosper,” said Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose). “My colleagues and I have spent the past couple years working to connect the growth of sustainable industry to high-quality jobs. SB 150 takes this commitment even further! By leveraging state and federal investments and surpassing the job standards set by the federal government, we are laying the foundation for the next generation of green jobs. This landmark legislation will foster innovation and leave no one behind as we transition to a cleaner, greener economy.”
“The San Fernando Valley used to be a significant manufacturing hub in the state. As those industries left, so have the opportunities for thousands of residents to work in career pathways that provide well-paying jobs and a high quality of life. SB 150 provides a unique opportunity to promote equity in access to high-paying construction and manufacturing careers to maximize benefits to communities like mine that have been historically marginalized in creating career pathways,” said Assemblywoman Luz Rivas (D-San Fernando Valley). “I want to thank my colleagues for working on legislation that addresses California’s infrastructure concerns, while also providing a career pipeline for veterans and individuals in disadvantaged communities.”