Press Releases

June 06, 2011

Assembly Member Ricardo Lara Worked on AB540 under Late Assembly Member Marco Firebaugh

June 03, 2011

Gross Mismanagement Led Lara to Call for Commission Member’s Resignation After an Earlier Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing

June 03, 2011

AB 165 Will Help Identify, Eliminate and Prevent Illegal Student Fees

Sacramento, Calif. – Assembly Bill 165 by Assemblymember Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) received bipartisan support in the Assembly today with a 53-19 vote. AB 165 will put complaint and auditing procedures into place that will help identify, eliminate, and prevent the charging of illegal student fees in violation of a student’s constitutional right to a free public education.

June 01, 2011

AB 925 (Lara) Extends Basic Rights to Classified School Employees

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 925 by Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) passed the Assembly with a 48-28 vote this week. The bill protects the rights and benefits of classified employees - such as janitors, food service workers, and teacher assistants – at independent charter schools by adding language to the California Education Code to provide a floor of minimum rights.

June 01, 2011

AB 229 and AB 187 Ensure Transparency and Oversight in Local Government

SACRAMENTO – Continuing his fight for transparency and oversight in local government, Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) received unanimous bipartisan support for his legislative package today. "We must incorporate transparency and oversight to restore the public’s trust in their local government. The bipartisan support we are garnering in the Assembly proves that everyone is ready for real change," said Assembly Member Lara.

May 23, 2011

ACR 34 (Lara) acknowledges and celebrates the history and accomplishments of California’s ethnic studies programs

May 12, 2011

AB 844 (Lara) Allows All Students Elected to Serve in Any Capacity of Student Government
To Receive Funds Associated with their Service

May 10, 2011

Audit Findings Severely Question the Commission’s Commitment and Ability to Protect California’s School Children

May 03, 2011

AB 1110 ensures disabled foster youth have access to critical benefits

April 29, 2011

SACRAMENTO –Assembly Concurrent Resolution 34, authored by Assembly Member Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), is at the center of a hunger strike at the University of California Berkeley where students are protesting the university’s lack of commitment to Ethnic Studies.