Statement of Senator Lara on Appropriations Committee Release of Healthy California Act (SB 562)

May 25, 2017

SACRAMENTO, CA – Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) released the following statement after the Committee approved the Healthy California Act, Senate Bill 562:

“Republicans in Congress just voted to throw 23 million people off healthcare and raise the price of healthcare for millions more.

“Stopping the progress of SB 562 would say that I trust Congress and Donald Trump to do what’s right for Californians’ health. I am not willing to take that risk.

“Californians already pay $367 billion for healthcare, according to a UCLA study. Three million Californians still don’t have coverage and millions more have insurance that doesn’t cover enough and costs too much. We can get a lot more for our money than we’re getting now.

“I am looking at a variety of strategies to fund Healthy California, and I will amend SB 562 to make the implementation of this act contingent on revenue. I believe we can get to a number where we are not overtaxing people and have a sustainable funding source that guarantees universal healthcare for all.”