California Senator Ricardo Lara Brings Leadership on Clean Vehicles and Super-Pollutants to United Nations COP23 Climate Conference

November 08, 2017

Legislation has helped lead to more than $1 billion for clean trucks and buses, set tough standards for reducing black carbon and other super-pollutants

SACRAMENTO, CA – California environmental champion Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) will join the state’s delegation at the United Nations COP23 Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, from Nov. 9-15.

“Climate change is not just the world’s problem, it is America’s problem and Americans are counting on us to lead,” said Senator Lara. “Donald Trump is putting American workers last by abandoning our leadership. California is seizing this moment to create jobs and opportunity the same way the leaders of earlier generations built the biggest economy in the world. If America wants to compete and win in the global economy, we need to change, adapt and lead – that is California’s promise.”

Senator Lara is author of the Super-Pollutant Reduction Act (Senate Bill 1383, 2016), which set the nation’s highest target for reducing short lived climate pollutants, or super-pollutants, that are thousands of times more potent than CO2 and contribute to global warming.

The Super-Pollutant Reduction Act calls for cutting emissions of methane by 40%, hydrofluorocarbon gases by 40%, and anthropogenic black carbon by 50% below 2013 levels by 2030.

California’s work to pass the Super-Pollutant Reduction Act is nominated for the 2017 Climate and Clean Air Awards, which will be awarded on November 12 in Germany.

Senator Lara also authored Senate Bill 1204 (2014), which created the Clean Truck and Bus program and helped lead the Legislature to approve nearly $1 billion for low-emissions vehicles in 2017 – the largest single investment in clean air in the state’s history.

Follow Senator Lara on Twitter @SenRicardoLara for updates from Bonn using the hashtag #CALatCOP23.