2017 Legislative Update

Senator Lara's legislative package focuses on guaranteeing healthcare as a human right, fighting for Californian privacy and dignity, protecting consumers, and reforming our criminal justice system to make California safer and more fair.

These are some of Senator Lara's legislative proposals:

Fight for California

Dignity Not Detention (Senate Bill 29)
Prohibit California local governments from entering into new contracts or extending contracts with for-profit companies to detain immigrants. The bill requires all California facilities that detain immigrants to adhere to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) standards, which includes access to medical treatment, the right to file grievances, and have visitation by legal counsel and family members.

Fight for California Taxpayers (Senate Bill 30)
Prevents the state of California from executing or renewing a contract with a company or individual that accepts a federal contract related to a wall project along California’s southern border.

Religious Freedom Act (Senate Bill 31)
Prevents California agencies from sharing data that could be used to compile a federal registry based on religion, national origin or ethnicity.

Healthy California

Healthy California Act (Senate Bill 562)
Creates a universal health plan with more choices for all Californians and guarantees the right to healthcare. Join the campaign for universal healthcare at OnePlanMyChoice.com

Equity and Justice

Sens. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) today introduced a package of bills to keep young children out of the juvenile justice system and fix longstanding inequity for youth and adults.

SB 180 – Drug Sentence Enhancements
This reform measure is a modest step toward enacting the bipartisan movement to end wasteful incarceration spending in favor of community reinvestment.

SB 190 – Juvenile Fees
Ends the harmful, unlawful and costly assessment and collection of administrative fees against families with youth in the juvenile justice system.

SB 355 – No Court Fees for the Innocent
This would provide that only those who are convicted of a crime are required to reimburse the courts for legal counsel fees.

SB393 – Sealing of arrests
Senate Bill 393 seals arrest records and remove barriers to employment for those arrested but not convicted of a crime. SB 393 is sponsored by San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón.

SB 394 – Juveniles Life Without the Possibility of Parole
Brings CA into compliance with Montgomery v. Louisiana decision that juveniles cannot be sentenced to Life Without Parole.

SB 395 – Miranda Rights for Youth
Requires youth under the age of 18 consult with legal counsel before they waive their constitutional rights in interrogations with police.

SB 439 – Minimum Age Incarceration
This would exclude children age 11 and younger from juvenile court jurisdiction and would promote the rights, health and well-being of the child by curbing premature exposure to incarceration.

Consumer Protection


Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 (SB 258)
Requires detailed ingredient labels on cleaning products sold in the state. The bill will give full disclosure about what is in the products millions of families and domestic workers use every day.


Dialysis Patient Safety Act (SB 349)
Protects dialysis patients and improve care at more than 550 California dialysis clinics by requiring annual inspections of dialysis clinics and ensure safe staffing levels.

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