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Senator Lena Gonzalez

Welcome! I’m Senator Lena Gonzalez and I represent the 33rd District. The 33rd District represents nearly 1 million residents of Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, and the Southeast Los Angeles cities of Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Huntington Park, Lakewood, Lynwood, Maywood, Paramount, Signal Hill, South Gate, and part of Los Angeles.

I’m honored to represent the working people of the 33rd District who drive California’s economy, from the Port of Long Beach to the transportation corridor that links California to the rest of the country. Please do not hesitate to contact my capitol or district office for assistance with state agencies or to voice your opinion about matters facing the legislature.

State Senator Lena A. Gonzalez

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September 13, 2023


Gonzalez said the pandemic acted as a good test case for extended sick leave, and the temporary policies are proof that they can succeed without decimating businesses.
“The economy wasn’t falling apart. The state still remained healthy,” Gonzalez said. “And fortunately, more importantly, the workforce felt supported.”
September 13, 2023


COVID-19 left people unable to work for significant periods, Gonzalez said, and federal and state laws ensured they got the supplemental recovery time and sick pay to avoid infecting co-workers and suffering financial setbacks. Even now, it can take five days or longer for COVID-19 to clear the body, supporters say.

“Families no longer have the temporary protections afforded by COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave, which ended last year,” Gonzalez said. “This back-to-school season, let’s commit to ensuring that parents can take the sick leave they need to take care of their health and the health of their children.”

September 07, 2023
September 05, 2023
September 01, 2023


California Senate Majority Whip Lena Gonzalez (D-33), who spearheaded SJR 2, declared Friday that "it is essential that we commit once and for all to ending our reliance on fossil fuels. People around the world, especially low-income people of color, are suffering the adverse health impacts of fossil fuel pollution, from asthma to cancer. The recent devastating fires and hurricanes emphasize the urgency of taking action, to prevent further extreme weather changes."

August 30, 2023

I am excited to announce the launch of our first-ever, Youth Environmental Champions Program cohort!

August 23, 2023
By Katie Hyson / Racial Justice and Social Equity Reporter
Contributors: Bennett Lacy / Producer
It’s a common dilemma. Nearly two-thirds of Californians live paycheck to paycheck. Missing a day of work without pay can mean not putting food on the table or making rent.
Barlage, who also leads the Fair Workweek LA Coalition, is one of many labor advocates pushing California lawmakers to increase the minimum paid sick days from three to seven per year.
“Companies aren’t going to give it to us,” Barlage said. “It’s going to be our politicians who recognize workers as the strong build of this community.”
State Senator Lena Gonzalez, (D-Long Beach), who sponsored SB 616, also argued three days is not enough time for survivors of sexual assault to recover before returning to work. A 2022 report said one in seven adults in California had experienced sexual violence in the past year.
August 22, 2023

Por: Araceli Martínez Ortega 

La suerte de un proyecto de ley que busca reducir las disparidades de salud entre los latinos e indígenas mesoamericanos en California será definida la próxima semana, cuando los miembros del Comité de Apropiaciones de la Asamblea voten a favor o en contra de que siga adelante en el proceso legislativo.

“Necesitamos abrir nuestros ojos a las diversas necesidades de salud de los grupos latinos en nuestro estado”, dijo la senadora de Long Beach, Lena González, autora de la medida.