Senate District 33

SD 33 includes the Los Angeles County cities and communities of Cudahy, Bell, Bell Gardens, Lynwood, Maywood, Signal Hill, Paramount, South Gate, Vernon, Walnut Park, Huntington Park, and most of Long Beach with portions of the cities of Lakewood and Los Angeles to achieve population equality.

To the north this district includes part of the group of Southeast cities of Los Angeles County: Vernon, Huntington Park, Bell, South Gate, Cudahy, Lynwood, and Paramount. These Southeast cities are grouped together because of their socioeconomic commonalities and because many unincorporated areas share similar civic and economic issues. Many of the residents in this region are first-generation immigrants with similar linguistic and educational characteristics.

This district is characterized by high residential density and many historic neighborhoods, heavy industry, and common environmental problems linked to transportation corridors. The majority of Long Beach is kept with its port, Long Beach City College, and downtown Long Beach.

Map of Senate District 33 (PDF)

Deferred Area of Senate District 33

Every 10 years after the US Census Data is released, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission draws new lines for representation that is reflective of the population changes. Senate districts have a unique issue that Assembly and Congressional districts do not have. Of the Senate districts established, only the even-numbered districts went into effect for the 2022 election cycle. The new odd-numbered districts will not go into effect until the 2024 election cycle. This means some members of the population do not have representation until 2024 when the next election cycle happens. These geographic areas are referred to as “deferred.” However, the Senate wants to ensure that anyone living in a deferred area is still represented by a California State Senator and therefore has been assigned a Senator to represent them until the next election occurs in 2 years.

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Senate District 33 Maps

The deferred area include portions of Los Angeles.

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2020 Census Population

Name Count Percent
Total Population 912,898 100.00%
Hispanic or Latino 647,042 70.88%
Not Hispanic or Latino (NH) 265,856 29.12%
NH Population of one race 245,870 26.93%
NH White alone 105,728 11.58%
NH Black or African American alone 71,943 7.88%
NH Asian alone 58,341 6.39%
NH American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1,672 0.18%
NH Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 3,929 0.43%
NH Some Other Race alone 4,257 0.47%
NH Population of two or more races 19,986 2.19%


Counties In District

Name Count Percent
Los Angeles 912,898 9.12%


Places In District

Name Count Percent
LOS ANGELES: Bell(C) 33,559 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Bell Gardens(C) 39,501 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Cudahy(C) 22,811 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Florence-Graham(U) 61,983 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Huntington Park(C) 54,883 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Lakewood(C) 30,332 36.77%
LOS ANGELES: Long Beach(C) 366,913 78.61%
LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles(C) 35,315 0.91%
LOS ANGELES: Lynwood(C) 67,265 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Maywood(C) 25,138 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Paramount(C) 53,733 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Signal Hill(C) 11,848 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: South Gate(C) 92,726 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Vernon(C) 222 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Walnut Park(U) 15,214 100.00%
LOS ANGELES: Remainder of Los Angeles(R) 1,455 1.66%