2020 Legislation

SB 939: Emergencies: COVID-19: evictions
Places a moratorium on commercial evictions, including small businesses and nonprofits, for the duration of the COVID-19 health emergency. 

SB 961: Equal Insurance HIV Act
Prohibits life and disability income insurance companies from denying coverage to HIV-positive individuals solely based on their HIV status.

SB 991: Court Reporters
Updates the statutorily set rate for transcripts prepared by an official court reporter.

SB 1073: Medi-Cal: California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
Increases enrollment of eligible children and pregnant women in Medi-Cal and WIC, by sending eligibility data from one program to the other, notifying applicants if they are eligible for either program, and fast-tracking WIC services for individuals in Medi-Cal.

SB 1075: Transitional Kindergarten: Admission
Expands access to Transitional Kindergarten by authorizing school districts to enroll all four year olds.

SB 1106: Operators of Computer-Aided Realtime Transcription Systems Proceedings: Certification
Requires the Court Reporters Board of California to adopt standards and license individuals as Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) providers. 

SB 1130: Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund.
Requires the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to implement and expand the California Advanced Service Fund (CASF) program to encourage deployment of high-speed broadband internet in our unserved communities.

SB 1136: Peace Officers: Recruitment of Women
Creates, through the Commission of Police Officer Standards and Training (POST), a guidebook on best practices for police departments to recruit women and other groups currently under-represented in the police force. 

SB 1193: Pupil Instruction: Computer Science
Removes the sunset provision for a computer science strategic implementation advisory panel.

SB 1241: The Talent Equity for Competitive Hiring Act
Sets specific standards for demonstrating a hiring assessment tool reduces bias, and establishes a rebuttable presumption of compliance for use of assessments that meet the new standards.

SB 1364: TRUTH Act 2.0
Provides due process protections to individuals held in California jails by clarifying and providing greater oversight over a local law enforcement agency’s cooperation with federal immigration authorities.