April & May


Team Gonzalez on the Field

Check out recent events our team has attended, supported, and hosted.

  • April is a significant month for the Cambodian community, and Team Gonzalez was proud to support local groups hosting the inaugural Long Beach Sankranta Celebration, the 15th Annual Cambodian Town Parade and Culture Festival, and the Los Angeles County Employees Association Cambodian New Year Celebration.  
  • Team Gonzalez joined the Long Beach Symphony and local hip hop artist, praCh Ly for their inaugural KHMERASPORA, an event highlighting the struggles of the Khmer diaspora in the United States through the lens of a survivor growing up in Long Beach.
  • We hosted our annual Senate District 33 Dia del Niño (Children’s Day) Resource Fair! Over 200 of our little residents from the city of Cudahy joined us to paint pots and plant flowers. We were also joined by over 20 community organizations to provide resources and host activities. Thank you to Ellen Ochoa Learning Center for being amazing co-hosts and to everyone who participated in the event!
  • The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and community members held a ribbon cutting for the grand opening of the 1st Annual Farmer’s Market of Lakewood. The event promoted healthy food options, local entrepreneurship, and provided a space for local artists to perform.
  • Huntington Park held its 2nd annual Art Walk where local artists, schools, and organizations came together to celebrate the growing art community in SELA. Our office had a resource booth at the event to provide information on services available through our office. 


Celebrating SD33 Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Community Heroes

Join Team Gonzalez in congratulating Senate District 33 entrepreneurs, community groups, and local heroes on their many accomplishments!

  • Master Oum Ry Ban is a 79-year-old kickboxing champion, who fled the Khmer Rouge communist regime and opened the Khmer Kickboxing Center in east Long Beach in 1987. The center celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, providing students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn the art of kickboxing. Learn more about Master Ry in the Press-Telegram.
  • Thea and George celebrated the opening of their lounge in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach called the Wicked Wolf of Wrigley. 


Meetings in the Community 

Learn about meetings, important issues and policy discussions happening in Senate District 33.

  • We toured the I-710 corridor with members of the Port of Long Beach, California transportation commission, Metro, Southcoast Air Quality Management District and community organizations. The State’s Transportation Secretary, Toks Omishakin, was in attendance as well, to learn about the corridor and to talk about the reinvestment plan in the surrounding communities. We heard from community members about their experience  living along the corridor and what they would like to see done.
  • Our office attended a Steering Committee meeting for the Cambodian American Cultural Center project in Long Beach. The committee was developed 9 months ago with the goal of creating a feasibility study to kick-off the next phase of the project, all twenty-one members of the committee were honored by our office with a certificate of recognition in appreciation of their dedication and service.
  • Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson hosted a round table for Black Business owners and the event was attended by well over 40 people ranging from restaurant owners to nail salon technicians. A main topic of discussion at the meeting was how the business community can be part of the effort to create revenue for the city as we transition away from oil production and oil revenue generation.
  • Walnut Park Civic Engagement Project held its first in-person community roundtable since moving online due to COVID. Our office provided a legislative update and information on services available through our office.