Read About Team Gonzalez on the Field, Meetings in the Community, and Local Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Community Heroes! In this Issue: $2 Million in Funds for Completing the West Santa Ana Branch Bikeway Project Trail in Paramount, Young Environmental Champions, State of the District Address & More



Team Gonzalez on the Field

Check out recent events our team has attended, supported, and hosted.

  • On October 16, 2023 I presented $2 Million in funds during Monday Matters at MacArthur Park in the City of Long Beach, a bi-monthly resource fair where volunteers help provide food, water, clothes, and other essential supplies to unhoused neighbors. Of the funds awarded to the City of Long Beach, $1.25 million will be utilized to enhance the capacity of service providers to assist individuals at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The remaining sum of $750,000 will be directed towards enhancing the city’s Reentry Services Program. Read more, here


  • On October 14, 2023 we held the last day of our Youth Environmental Champions program talking about ways in which we can help protect our planet and build a more sustainable future! This year we had great legislative wins on the environmental front, such as SJR2 endorsing a global call to end the use of fossil fuels and AB 126 to invest in clean transportation for our communities. It was an honor to share about my legislative work and to spend some time with this incredible group of rising youth leaders.


  • On November 3, 2023 I presented a $2 million check to the City of Paramount to support the West Santa Ana Branch bike path project. This project aims to establish a trail-to-rail system, introducing a multimodal transportation approach to the area. Additionally, we teamed up with the city to provide two brand-new bicycles to local youth, encouraging our young residents to embrace cycling as a mode of transportation.



Celebrating SD33 Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Community Heroes

Join Team Gonzalez in congratulating Senate District 33 entrepreneurs, community groups, and local heroes on their many accomplishments!

  • On November 27, 2023 I had the honor of joining Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert to swear-in three new attorneys: Johnathan Coleman, Mierna Hagehassan, and Sergio Dimas. Not only is an Attorney’s Oath a special ritual for new attorneys, it is also required to practice law in the State of California.Congratulations to our new attorneys and their families!



Meetings in the Community 

Learn about meetings, important issues, and policy discussions happening in Senate District 33.

  • On November 4, 2023 we held our second annual State of the District event in partnership with the Bell Chamber of Commerce. I provided local small businesses, organizations and community our latest legsilative updates, including budget highlights and funds secured for Senate District 33. 


  • On November 13, 2023, I co-led a High Road Briefing and Roundtable. The discussion served as a think tank for community, stakeholders and legislators to discuss Senate Bill (SB) 150 high road policies that will maximize labor and equity opportunities. SB 150 is a critical opportunity to ensure that publicly-funded projects are accountable to the community, and advance our shared goals and values. It is also an opportunity to ensure that publicly-funded projects do not further environmental harms and injustices.