From The Capitol

My 2024 Bills that Passed the Senate

Explore my current bills advancing to the Assembly that tackle critical issues in the environment, health, public safety, and transparency. These initiatives include creating climate-resilient schools, enhancing firearms safety, and ensuring referendum funding transparency and more.


SB 934 Clean Freight Infrastructure Deployment Team

Creates a team of representatives from state agencies, such as the State Air Resources Board, and the state’s Transportation Agency to facilitate the build-out of freight zero-emission vehicle infrastructure needed to meet our state climate goals

SB 1182 Climate Resilient Schools Act

Safeguards students and communities from the effects of climate change and severe weather by instructing the California Energy Commission to develop a comprehensive master plan to reduce climate risks and promote sustainability in schools.

SB 1308 Ozone Safe Air Cleaners 

Updates the rules set by the California Air Resources Board to lower the amount of ozone air cleaners can emit to ensure that air cleaners that Californians use are safe for their health by reducing the risk of harm from exposure to ozone.



SB 1016 Latino and Indigenous Health Disparities Reduction Act

Addresses health disparities among Latino and Indigenous communities by requiring the California Department of Public Health to gather and disaggregate more comprehensive data for these groups.

SB 1131 Enhancing Family Planning Accessibility

Enhances access to vital family planning services for low-income Californians by broadening the definition of who can certify clinics to provide essential services like contraception and pregnancy testing, creating more accessible and comprehensive reproductive healthcare for everyone, especially in areas where it's needed most.


Public Safety

SB 1253 Enhanced Firearm Safety Certifications Act

Requires individuals who move to California with firearms to receive a Firearm Safety Certificate. The purpose of this bill is to reduce accidental injuries and prevent tragedies, especially involving children. Since 2020, firearms have outnumbered vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death for children in the United States.


Good Governance, Transparency, and Accountability

SB 991 LAUSD Office of Inspector General

Makes the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Office of Inspector General (OIG) permanent, allowing it to continue auditing, investigating, and issuing subpoenas to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in district programs, contracts, and construction projects, as it has for twenty-five years.

SB 1337 Referendum Funding Transparency

Ensures voters can transparently see who is funding referendums aimed at overturning state laws, preventing large corporations from misleading the public and undermining the democratic process for financial gain.

SB 1425 Long Beach Oil Cleanup Fund

Requires the state of California to save more each month to more adequately and responsibly reduce the State’s share of unfunded liability to plug and abandon the long-running oil extraction operations in the City of Long Beach.