2022 Legislation

Digital Inclusion & Tech Equity


SB 1216 - Deepfake Working Group
Signed Into Law
Requires the Secretary of the Government Operations Agency (GovOps) to study the risks, impacts, and legal implications of digital deepfakes and the broader issues of digital content provenance. The bill also tasks the Secretary with developing a coordinated plan for how the public, industry, and government might be able to jointly address these threats.
SB 1216 Bill Language
SB 1216 Fact Sheet

SB 1325 - California Techquity Innovation Fund
Held in Committee
Establishes the California Techquity Innovation Fund (CTIF), to be administered by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GoBiz). The CTIF will fund grants and investments that advance equity in tech entrepreneurship in California, and support underserved, equity-forward entrepreneurs that have limited venture capital funding opportunities.
SB 1325 Bill Language
SB 1325 Fact Sheet

Environment & Transportation


SB 726 - Revitalizing the Clean Transportation Program
Ordered to Inactive File
Revitalizes the state’s Clean Transportation Program (CTP) by prioritizing equity and aligning the program with the state’s current environmental targets. The CTP generates millions annually to fund projects advancing thirteen different clean transportation goals, ranging from demonstration and deployment projects that optimize alternative fuels and vehicles, to alternative fuel infrastructure projects.
SB 726 Bill Language 
SB 726 Fact Sheet 

SB 1087 - Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention
Signed Into Law
Aims to address the dramatic rise in catalytic converter theft in California’s communities by targeting black-market sales of detached catalytic converters. SB 1087 will limit who can legally purchase a detached catalytic converter, who can sell a catalytic converter to a core recycler (scrap metal recyclers), and close loopholes in existing law to bring transparency to the sale of detached catalytic converters.
SB 1087 Bill Language
SB 1087 Fact Sheet

SB 1104 - Office of Freight
Held in Committee
Advances the economic vitality and long-term sustainability of the freight sector by creating an Office of Freight within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-BIZ) to serve as the coordinating entity on freight among key state agencies and stakeholders across the State.
SB 1104 Bill Language
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SB 1121 - Transportation Needs Assessment
Signed Into Law
Requires the California Transportation Commission to provide a 10 year transportation needs assessment, compare that with an assessment of the available transportation revenues, and recommend ways to bridge the gap.
SB 1121 Bill Language
SB 1121 Fact Sheet

SB 1137 - Health Protection Zones for Frontline Communities
Signed Into Law
Protects the public health of California’s frontline communities by creating a minimum health and safety distance of 3,200-feet between sensitive receptors, such as a residence, school, childcare facility, playground, hospital, or nursing home and an oil and gas production well.
SB 1137 Bill Language
SB 1137 Fact Sheet

SB 1173 - Fossil Fuel Divestment
Dead - Held in Asm. Public Employment and Retirement Committee
Prohibits the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) from investing in fossil fuel companies and requires that they divest any current investments by 2030.
SB 1173 Bill Language
SB 1173 Fact Sheet

SB 1233 - Eliminating Barriers to DMV Services
Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to coordinate with relevant stakeholders to develop outreach strategies for Californians that have historically been underserviced by the DMV. The bill also requires the DMV to solicit requests for targeted outreach events from local community groups that represent underserviced populations.
SB 1233 Bill Language
SB 1233 Fact Sheet

SB 1251 - Zero Emission Vehicle Equity Ombudsperson
Signed Into Law
Creates an equity advocate position to facilitate the coordination across agencies as they advance the State’s Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) goals, and ensure that State ZEV programs are equity centered and support underserved Californians.
SB 1251 Bill Language 
SB 1251 Fact Sheet

SB 1382 - Clean Cars 4 All Equity Measures
Signed Into Law 
Advances the equitable deployment of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by giving a state tax exemption to vehicles bought and sold under the existing Clean Cars for All (CC4A) program, and by directing the state to develop protocols and metrics to address barriers currently preventing underserved Californians from participating in the CC4A program.
SB 1382 Bill Language
SB 1382 Fact Sheet

SB 1398 - Vehicles: Consumer Notices
Signed Into Law 
Increases consumer safety by requiring dealers and manufacturers that sell new passenger vehicles equipped with a semiautonomous driving assistance feature or provides any software update or vehicle upgrade that adds a semiautonomous driver assistance feature to give a clear description of the functions and limitations of those features. Further, SB 1398 prohibits a manufacturer or dealer from deceptively naming, referring to, or marketing these features.
SB 1398 Bill Language
SB 1398 Fact Sheet

Economic Development, Women, Children, & Working Families


SB 452 - Establishment of the Immigration and Refugee Affairs Agency
Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee
Establishes a permanent governmental structure, the California Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Agency, tasked with addressing the needs of California’s immigrant and refugee population.
SB 452 Bill Language 
SB 452 Fact Sheet 

SB 972 - Enhancing Safety of Sidewalk Food Vending
Signed Into Law
Modernizes the California Retail Food Code (CRFC) to include sidewalk food vendors and bring thousands of micro-entrepreneurs into a more equitable and well-regulated food economy while enhancing critical health and food safety regulation.
SB 972 Bill Language
SB 972 Fact Sheet

Health Access & Affordability


SB 245 - The Abortion Accessibility Act
Signed Into Law
Requires all state-licensed health care service plans or disability insurance policies issued after 2022, to cover abortion services without a co-payment, deductible, or any type of cost-sharing requirement.
SB 245 Bill Language 
SB 245 Fact Sheet 

SB 1019 - Mental Health Services Access and Awareness
Signed Into Law
Addresses disparities in access to and awareness of mental health services for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.  SB 1019 will require Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans (MCP’s) to develop and implement culturally and linguistically relevant outreach to inform Medi-Cal members of their right to timely mental health services.
SB 1019 Bill Language
SB 1019 Fact Sheet